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  • What happens before my shoot?
    When you book a session you will receive an email with instructions on how to prepare, your invoice, a worksheet, and the studio address. The worksheet will help you fully prepare, and includes recommendations on archetype discovery and clothing choices. A $100 non refundable deposit is required upon booking your shoot and the balance is due no later than the day prior to your shoot.
  • What happens during my session?
    This depends on what we are shooting. If we are shooting actor headshots I will offer you prompts that evoke the emotion of the character/ archetype you are trying to accomplish. You're an actor, therefore, you will act! Of course, if you are giving me what I need I probably will just shoot you being you! If we are shooting model portfolio shots I will direct you if needed, but expect that you will have done some amount of homework on posing with the videos I provide to you on your prep sheet.
  • What types of payment do you take?
    You may pay by cash, venmo or paypal and cashapp. If you choose to pay using a credit card on venmo or paypal, or have purchase protection on your payment thru venmo or paypal, you will be required to add 3.5% to your total bill to cover the additional expense.
  • How will my pictures be delivered?
    Within a few days of your shoot you will receive a link to a private gallery. From that private gallery you will choose the photos you would like to have retouched. Once the photos are finalized you will receive a digital file via wetransfer and have 90 days to download your photos. Please have a usb drive ready to save the files on. Should you desire the photos to be delivered directly onto a usb there is an additional charge of $15 to cover the cost involved. If you are requesting retouches that are included with your session, they must be selected within 90 days of the session or will be forfeited.
  • I'm hiring a makeup artist, how does that work?"
    If you hire a makeup artist please be aware that your initial look can use up to 1 hour of time. You will need to discuss this directly with the makeup artist prior to your shoot to determine how much time will be needed. Please be aware that a limited time is available for your session (refer to the investment tab for explanation), but you can purchase additional studio time if you need to have hair and makeup done during your session. Optionally you can have your hair and makeup done prior to arrival and bring your artist along for touchups. In the Pennsylvania studio we have an artist that can meet you prior to your session in her space directly across from my studio prior to our start time. I can help you find an artist, or you are welcome to bring your own.
  • What types of backgrounds are available?
    A variety of backgrounds will be utilized during your session, usually more than one for each look. Solid paper colors, a variety of abstract and some scenic setups are available. I will make every effort to utilize a background that suits your archetype and needs.
  • I booked a job and can't make my session !  Yay!  Oh no!  What do i do?
    Listen, I'm an actor as well.. Sometimes we are blessed and get that job but it throws off everything. Do I charge you? NO! We simply reschedule. I don't charge you if this happens I just do a lot of jumping up and down with excitement for you! I hope you will do the same for me should I book something and need to reschedule your shoot, but listen if that happens I'll give you 10% off of your shoot.
  • How can my photos be used?
    You may use your photos for SELF PROMOTION on printed headshots, actor and agency websites, comp cards etc. If you are looking for photos for a commercial shoot.. selling a product.. using it for an advertizement of any kind.. well, that isn't allowed without a separate contract. Simple. As far as how I can use your photos.. same thing applies. I won't use them other than to promote my photography business unless we have a separate contract to do otherwise. I also want you to know that if I use an image that you find absolutely mortifying.. please tell me! I know we might not have the same taste and I want to represent you well.. even when promoting my own site.
  • Will my photos be watermarked?
    NO! NO! We do not watermark photos. The exception, commercial use. If you are planning to use your photos to promote your brand or business and it is not an actor or model business, there will be a complete quote that includes usage that we will agree upon. In this instance your preview photos will be watermarked, but your finished images will not.
  • What if I need photos to sell, for a product (commercial use) or other saleable reason?"
    This type of photography requires a special contract between the photographer and the client and often includes increased rates due to useage of the images and copyright law. I am happy to offer you a quote for use dependent upon our mutual agreement on their use. You can email or call me to discuss your needs and I will send you a quote.
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