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Magazine Editorials

I really enjoy creating unique and inspiring stories thru fashion, beauty and photography.  Any foundation I can find to create something makes my soul soar.  I've recently started creating editorials and submitting them to magazines.  My very first editorial was published in Philocaly Magazine on May 2 nd, 2021.  My second will be published on or around May 7, 2021 and I look forward to working on more and more ideas to grow my abilities.  Look for more editorials to be published soon!

Philocaly Magazine Issue 47

This editorial was born out of my Mother In Law's favorite outfit from the 1960s.  The outfit is shown on Sierra Nikole (the blonde model).  I wanted to create something light and free and very flower child.  More of my favorites from this series that did not make the cut can be seen below.

logo transp stretch.png

Fadeesh Magazine May 2021

This editorial was created to showcase my mothers vintage jewelry (note there is a typo, she passed in 2014 not 2015) .  I added some pieces that I found at auction and a local thrift store.  I am so proud of the models!

Selin Magazine June 2021

What happens when you paint a backdrop?  You put a model or two in front of it.  I have a great love of all things vintage (couldn't you tell?) and I found these two dresses locally and had to shoot them as well.  This was a privilege to be featured in, I'm Dutch and this is a Dutch magazine!! How amazing.

Malvie French Mag Vol 254 July 2021

Wait WHAT!?  A French magazine!  How cool.  I had this idea to expand upon the beautiful pink background and beads I used in the Jewelry editorial and this is what happened.  I got the super fun and exciting to look at photos that really exude the 80s vibe and feel.  Sourcing the outfits was super fun and I took some from my own closet.  I decided to take a little break after shooting this to take care of some health issues, but this shoot really helped to lift my mood.  Look for more magazine editorials later this year as I find new inspiration.