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Model Digitals Samples

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These are examples of what you need to have when submitting to most modeling agencies.  I offer a professional service that will ensure you get clear, sharp and evenly lit images that show you perfectly.  The set above is just a few of angles we will take, and you will be given approximately 30-60 images in a digital file.  These are taken with no makeup and usually in a simple bikini or tight shirt and pants.  I will guide you in selecting what you will need to wear.  Above are examples of traditional fashion models as well as plus and petite models that I have taken digitals of.  The first set (Hayley) was signed with EWH Management and later Vie Agency, The plus model (Sarah) has signed with IPM Model Management in NYC after using these digitals for her submission.  Congratulations to them both!!

Frequently asked questions

What happens before my shoot?

Before your shoot we will discuss your goals, type, and looks. I will ask you to send me a simple selfie and potentially a video reel of your work so that I can get a feel for who you are. Social links are also helpful. I want to really know where you fit so that I can help you make the most of our work together. The goal is to get you noticed for work that fits who you are and your particular goals. Next, We will talk about whether you want a makeup artist or not and how that will be handled. I will send you an email a few days prior to your shoot to go over payment details, how to prepare for your shoot and what to do on arrival.

What types of payment do you take?

You may pay by cash, venmo or paypal, and Zelle at this time.

How will my pictures be delivered?

Within a few days of your shoot you will receive a link to a private gallery. From that private gallery you will choose the photos you would like to have retouched. Once the photos are finalized you will receive a digital file via wetransfer and have 7 days to download your photos. Please have a usb drive ready to save the files on. Should you desire the photos to be delivered directly onto a usb there is an additional charge of $15 to cover the cost involved.

I'm hiring a makeup artist, how does that work?

You are paying for the time in the studio and my time to be there. If you hire a makeup artist please be aware that your initial look can use up to 1 hour of time. You will need to discuss this directly with the makeup artist prior to your shoot to determine how much time will be needed. Additional time is billed at $50 per half hour, so if you choose a 2 hour shoot and your artist takes 1 hour, then you will need to plan for time possibly going to 3 hours. Optionally you can have your hair and makeup done prior to arrival and bring your artist along for touchups.

What types of backgrounds are available?

We can shoot a variety of ways. The studio has several options for natural light real settings to suit your specific needs, plus we have green, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, black and grey paper backgrounds for variety. The studio is ideal for allowing corporate, classroom, industrial and natural outdoor backgrounds. Of course shooting outside is weather dependent!

I booked a job and can't make my session ! Yay! Oh no! What do i do?

Listen, I'm an actor as well.. Sometimes we are blessed and get that job but it throws off everything. Do I charge you? NO! We simply reschedule. I don't charge you if this happens I just do a lot of jumping up and down with excitement for you! I hope you will do the same for me should I book something and need to reschedule your shoot, but listen if that happens I'll give you 10% off of your shoot.

How can my photos be used?

You may use your photos for SELF PROMOTION on printed headshots, actor and agency websites, comp cards etc. If you are looking for photos for a commercial shoot.. selling a product.. using it for an advertizement of any kind.. well, that isn't allowed without a separate contract. Simple. As far as how I can use your photos.. same thing applies. I won't use them other than to promote my photography business unless we have a separate contract to do otherwise. I also want you to know that if I use an image that you find absolutely mortifying.. please tell me! I know we might not have the same taste and I want to represent you well.. even when promoting my own site.

Will my photos be watermarked?

NO! NO! We do not watermark photos. The only instance where a photo would be watermarked is if a commercial company purchases full copyrights to an image. This would require a special contract and for headshots and model comps this is just unnecessary.

What if I need photos to sell, for a product (commercial use) or other saleable reason?

This type of photography requires a special contract between the photographer and the client and often includes increased rates due to useage of the images and copyright law. I am happy to offer you a quote for use dependent upon our mutual agreement on their use. You can email or call me to discuss your needs and I will send you a quote.