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What is a slate shot? 

A slate shot is a simple video of you saying who you are.  This is a necessary element when entering the acting field and adding Actors Access (Breakdown Services) to your toolbox.  Actors Access is the number one place for casting directors to find actors for television, commercials, industrials, and film.  It along with Casting Networks are the two main places you will need a presence in the industry.  Having a slate shot attached to each image on Actors Access will elevate your profile and bring you to the top of the casting directors pile, along with others who have a complete profile.  Most agents and managers require slate shots be attached for better visibility.  Below is a sample of a 1:1 slate, where we record the slate in the exact outfit, styling and location that you had your headshot taken for a better match.  Right now we offer Slate shots as an included "bonus" with our Professional series headshots but will soon offer an a'lacarte option as we improve our sound equipment.