Hi there!  I am a professional actress and former model hoping to help you find the perfect headshot, and stunning model images for your portfolio.  I believe in figuring out who you are and what you need to succeed in your desired profession.  When we work together we will talk before and during the session to get the best of you in the shot.

I am shooting in the Philadelphia market and surround with a New York style focus.

Drop me an email with questions to


Call me at 484-928-0772


I retain the copyright to all images and reserve the right to use them for promotional purposes only unless otherwise contracted.  You may print your photos for use as you see fit for personal promotion only, unless otherwise contracted.  If you wish to purchase images for use in advertisement of a product other than yourself please contact me for contracting information.

M. Shirk Photography

Located at Spring City Mill Studios

20 E. Bridge Street #208

Spring City, PA 19475


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